Top Essential Things in my Beauty Routine
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Top Essential Things in my Beauty Routine

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

My whole blog is based on real food and real ingredients! With that being said, I have had a lot of you amazing readers ask if real ingredients also counts when it comes to what I am putting on my body, as well as inside!

I wish this had a filter.. but no this was HOW much I use to tan... can you imagine the damage?

I use to tan all the time when I was I mean all the time. From high school to college, I felt like I looked better tanner and now looking back I realize how foolish I was! I did such damage to my skin and I regret it very much. Once I stopped I noticed my skin was screaming with the repercussions of my choices with the tanning beds. I also was using facial cleansers and things on my skins where I couldn't name any of the ingredients, that had harsh chemicals that I had no idea about until I took a longer look on the huge and lengthy ingredient list. It is easy to see the words "natural" and assume it means all the ingredients must be good for you, even "organic." However, we must look at the ingredients in order to know what we are really putting in and on our body. Once I decided to really look into what I was putting on my body and in my body with both food & beauty products, my skin and my whole body was thankful and I could tell by the results!

Not to mention my wallet was thankful. I was spending so much on products that I was told were good for my skin, but had mysterious ingredients or didn't work well. So they had a lot of junk it in that was not good for my health. All the products below ended up saving me money in the long haul, which is also a MAJOR plus on my end!

Below are 4 things that I use daily that have really showed great benefits for my digestive system, skin, nails, hair, bones and joints. I am not sponsored by any of the products below and have done lengthy research to provide you with the best information on my end! However, with that being said I cannot promise that these results will be the same for you, because everyone is different and you never know how it can affect others. I hope this helps and will provide improvement for anyone out there looking for cleaning up their beauty products or who need help where their skin is concerned like myself!

I also want to provide this for you to be a little bit of a cheat sheet :) There are so many articles out there and they are all jam backed with verbiage that you can get lost in-- so I am hoping this gives a little bit of the cliff note version to people like myself who need that in our busy day to day!!

1: Avalon Organic Cleansing Gel-- Intense Defense with Vitamin C

^^ Here is the link through amazon to purchase it

^^ Here is the link through Thrive Market

However, I have had good and bad results from purchasing shampoo and beauty products off of amazon when they are sold through 3rd parties. For example them being watered down or not the same consistency. So I tend to stick with buying them off of Thrive Market or in the store at Whole Foods.

Why I LOVE Avalon products. They are non GMO, paraben free (preservatives linked to cancer), free of synthetic colors, phthalalates free and no animal testing ( such a big plus!) I love the Intense Defense line of Avalon products because with all the free radicals that are skin are affected with on a day to day bases, these products help repair our skin. Studies have shown that antioxidants can revitalize what the damaging radicals have done.

2: Collagen Peptides

^^^After doing a lot of research I settled on Vital Proteins brand. Like I had mentioned above about the beauty products, I have not had the same concerned purchasing this through amazon because it comes directly from the company :)

There are SO MANY things to read about collagen peptides. The good, the hoaxes etc. It is a lot to take on. I did research for weeks to try and figure out the best way to utilize collagen and not just jump on the bandwagon. Also I wanted to make sure I truly new about the importance of collagen and what it does for our body. Now like I mentioned above, I want to bring you all the cliff notes version-- the version I wish had at my finger tips.

Collagen consists of about 30-40% of our bodies proteins. It ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of connective tissues, skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. It is like the glue holding those mentioned above together. As depressing as this sounds, as we get older our skin cells start to become less active (which means it becomes dehydrated, thin, wrinkles etc.) and our bones become weaker and that is because our collagen percentage starts to decrease with age. That is where collagen peptides have come into play to replenish our levels of collagen in our bodies.

However, if you are going to go buy collagen peptides there are some key things you need to make sure you do before you purchase it. Know what kind of collagen you are wanting to supplement since there are 3 types of collagen:

Type 1 & 3 has the most to do with circulation, wrinkles, nails and hair

Type 2 has to do with joints + cartilage

So before you purchase your collagen peptides, make sure you are reading what type of collagen it is and that will tell you what it is going to help with! If you were wanting it to help with your skin, you would want the collagen geared toward that :)

Also you want to make sure it is unflavored and that the only ingredient is in fact collagen. Powders and especially things such as seasonings for cooking are packed with fillers and sugars that are not needed. That is why seasonings range from really cheap to the more expensive side. Studies have shown that seasonings and powders are being filled with other things. For example,red dye to make chili powder look fresher. Therefore, READ the label. Make sure you are looking into the brand. Or you may end up spending money and not getting the results you want.

3: Coconut Oil

^^ Thrive Market

^^ Amazon

Both great prices above! It will also last you FOREVER... seriously. I used 1 jar the whole entire year if not more. I have a jar for moisturizer all year and put it in a tiny mason jar for the bathroom. Talk about saving money on moisturizer! However the most important thing is that the coconut oil you use is unrefined ** simply put, it is least processed and messed with**

There are so many controversial views on coconut oil, but let me tell you I do think it is the best thing ever. My friends and family joke with me that if I have a problem I would just put coconut oil on it :)

I love to cook with it, bake with it, clean things with it and lastly and most importantly to me-- use it as face moisturizer and make up removal. I always have had very oily skin and very dry skin, it has been very inconsistent-- especially when tanning. I always thought my tanning was helping dry out my ache, but that in turn was making it worse. It is great for restoring and repairing skin because it quickly absorbs. It is filled with vitamin e + amino acids and can kill acne causing bacteria and the scaring behind it. It is also anti bacterial and anti fungal, which can help rejuvenate your skin. I suggest the littlest amount on your finger tips to apply, a little bit goes A LONG way. If you feel you put too much on, gently plot it off with a towel. On my Instagram post (follow me @ahinkle1234) I show just how much I put on. It takes a little bit for your skin to get adjusted like starting any new product. I would give it a month before you see it regulate and see results.

4: Ginger Root supplement

^^^ This is my favorite brand. I have tried a lot of different ginger supplements!

I have attached an article below of WHY I love ginger so much. I could go on and on about the benefits. What I have seen is it REALLY helps with bloating, digestion and keeping me healthy during the flu seasons. I really suggest adding this to your daily routine in the morning. I attached an article below to read if you need more convincing :) However, again please read the ingredients and look into the brand that you buy from to avoid fillers and dyes. This brand I posted, I have done my research on and trust the ingredients.

Thank you to anyone who has made it this far in the post! I know that was A LOT but trust me if you decide to add on at least one of these to your daily routine, you will be very happy! Also it is a lot less to read than looking up all those individually :) Please let me know what you try and as always #honestgrubhonestfoodie any time you make my recipes and /or tag @honestfoodie_blog so I can follow up with you all! I love seeing what you create and getting your feedback! Thank you guys for your continued support!

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