Stove Top Popcorn
  • Alaina Hinkle

Stove Top Popcorn

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I love popcorn as a healthy snack!! I will be honest though, I grew up on microwave popcorn and before I had a stove top in college, I would always microwave it. However, then I found out the horrible ingredients within packaged microwave popcorn. I didn't realize how EASY the stove top method was for cooking popcorn, let alone healthier for you!

On my Instagram post, I went into why we need to start making different choices for popcorn instead of microwave popcorn packaged popcorn. See that below the recipe!

Stove Top Popcorn:


-- Organic Popcorn Kernels--- you can get them at any grocery store, I normally get them in bulk at Whole Foods because it is cheaper and I like the multi color kernels. They are different colors in the kernels, but they do not turn out multi colored when popped. I just like the taste of them!

-Olive oil

-Salt, pepper, garlic salt or anything you'd like to top your popcorn with


1: You may use whatever size stove top pot you would like. The size will depend on how much popcorn you end up making. So if you want a lot use a larger pot :)

2: Put 3 kernels at the bottom of your pan and add enough olive oil until the kernels are half way covered

3: Then place the lid on the pot and turn the stove on high heat

4: Wait until you hear those 3 kernels pop, lift the lid and check to see that they are all popped, then quickly pour kernels in the pot to fill the entire bottom of the pan

5: Cover the pot with the lid again and constantly move the pot around on the coils or electric surface. You want the pot to still be on the heat, but moving around so it does not burn

6: Then you will hear it starting to pop, keep it on the heat until it is done popping and then take it off the stove

7: Make sure right as it stops popping you take it off to make sure it doesn't burn

8: Then put in a bowl and start adding your toppings to it :)

ENJOY!! Remember to tag me on Instagram at @honestfood_blog or #honestgrubhonestfoodie to let me know when you create something!!

** Keep in mind popcorn can be pretty temperamental, so make sure you do not leave it alone while it is popping and you are moving it around on the heat to keep from burning

Reasons why you should stay away from microwave packaged popcorn:

1: The bag itself you heat up it in, is line with chemicals

2: Brands like Pop Secret & Smart Balance have

-partially hydrogenated oil

-propyl gallate-- an ingredient that is being phased out in the world because of health issues, BUT we still use it to preserve our food in America

- TBHQ- made from butane which is a very toxic gas and can only be used .02 percent in the oil, because 1 gram can be so toxic to the body, even lead to stomach cancer...

WITH THAT BEING SAID :) Check out my SUPER easy stove top method to eliminate anything mentioned above

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