Poached Egg Scramble
  • Alaina Hinkle

Poached Egg Scramble

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

This morning scramble is 5 stars in my book. I truly feel like I am eating out at a restaurant with this breakfast--- loving it!

I most recently watched a video about the BEST way to poach an egg. I cannot remember for the life of me where I saw it now and I cannot find it to link, so my plan is to explain it below and then I will show you all my own video this weekend!

This recipe is gluten free and tastes like it has potatoes underneath it thanks to the riced cauliflower. Everything about this makes me want to be eating it right now while I am typing this. What I also love about it being poached, is it is a lot healthier for you then your typical egg scramble or skillet! YUMM enjoy below!


1 bag of riced cauliflower

5 brussel sprouts

1 tbsp of fresh cilantro

2 eggs

1/2 avocado

1 cup chopped spinach

1/4 cup feta cheese

1 tbsp of olive oil

Paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder to taste

**optional lemon to squeeze a little bit on top of rice mixture**


How to poach the eggs-- if you don't need this skip down to the directions for the rice:

1. Take each egg and into a metal sieve strainer. This separates the running whites from the attached whites. You want the running to strain out so that the attached whites wrap around the egg perfectly and create the sphere shape. When you have strained the runny whites and still see the attached whites, put into a small glass bowl. Repeat for each egg

2. Heat a 5 qt pot with water about 3/4 full on high until it reaches a roaring boil, then turn down to a simmer, there should be no more bubbles reach the top

3. Next take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and pour it into the water. This WILL NOT make your eggs taste vinegary, it helps with the shaping of the egg. Next, take a metal slotted spoon and start stirring the water to create a vortex in the water. You will be dropping your eggs into the center of that water vortex, this will allow the attached egg whites to wrap around the egg.

4. Stop stirring the vortex, it should continue to keep spinning in the water, quickly drop on egg down the center and you will start to see it wrap, gently nudge it aside with the slotted spoon and drop the second egg down the vortex before it stops. They may get close to each other and even seem like they might attach, if so just nudge them with the slotted spoon.

5. Set the timer for 3-4 minutes depending on how you like your yolks in the middle. For more firm whites and more running yolk do 3 minutes.

6. Once the timer is up, take your slotted spoon and spoon out the eggs and lay on a towel to pat them dry and VIOLA... it is actually pretty fun! hahah in the dorky I love science way, which is very much me!

** Again I do not take credit for this method, I saw it on a video and I really cannot find where it was! SO I will try and do it myself, but again I did not come up with this method :)

Yummy Rice Directions:

1. Take the 5 Brussel sprouts and cut them in half, long ways, and then dice up each half, which causes them to be shredded once you start pulling them apart. Do this to each Brussel sprout. In a small to medium frying pan add 1 tbsp olive oil and bring to medium high heat. Once the pan is hot, add in the "shredded" Brussel sprouts and sautée in the olive oil for a few minutes. Then sprinkle paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper on them. Let it cook for a few more minutes, and move around with your spatula, then sprinkle the same seasoning on that side.

2. Once the Brussel sprouts start to get a little bit brown add in the riced cauliflower and begin to sauté both together. Add more olive oil if needed. Now why I don't give exact amounts with the seasoning is it is really up to you. I like a little ore garlic powder and onion, so I never really measure it out, I just do it to taste. So I do the same seasonings as above, once I add in the cauliflower and just continue to taste to see. Once that has sautéed together for about 2 minutes, add in the shredded spinach, feta and lemon juice if you prefer.

3. Let the spinach wilt and the feta have a chance to melt and the seasonings to continue to meld. Once the spinach is wilted and the rest is browned enough for you, transfer to a bowl or plate. Top with the poached eggs, sliced avocado & cilantro. Then sprinkle paprika on top like seen above.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Seriously, one of my favorite breakfasts... can you tell by how much I'm raving? Again, I will make sure I do a video of that method of poaching eggs! Look out for that!

Thank you for looking at this scrumptious recipe!! Remember to follow me @honestfoodie_blog and #honestgrubhonestfoodie to let me know what you are making!

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