Living YOUR Story & Rewriting It
  • Alaina Hinkle

Living YOUR Story & Rewriting It

I am going to be completely honest with you. This post is in no way sponsored by this book, but it has really opened my eyes to so much & helped me within this last month...a HUGE amount. The book is called You are a BADASS by. Jen Sincero. If you follow up on honestfoodie_blog, you may have noticed me posting on stories, certain quotes from the book. I am going to tell you, do yourself a favor in 2020 & go buy this book to kick it off right. Today I want to share with you something very vulnerable. I debated back & forth about whether I should share it or not. However, as I went for a run I thought to myself... Hell yes. Why not? It resonated SO much to me with Jen's book, why not share how one of her excercises impacted me with you all. I always say that this blog is 100% honest, real life & REAL FOOD. So I am about to get VERY real with you all. Before that, some things I recommend BEFORE reading the book.

1. Do not act like you know it all.

Now fair warning you cannot go buy this book without an open mind. You cannot go into it, being like oh ya another self help book ya di ya di yaaaa. You also cannot go into it thinking you know it all already & "what does this Jen person even know??" You also also also cannot go into it without actually willing to DO it. Now that seems like a big ask.. however really I am telling you. It has changed so much for me I cannot even begin to explain.

2. Get organized to apply it NOW

The next thing I HIGHLY recommend before jumping into the book is getting a small notebook & pen that you keep next to you as you read. That has helped me a lot with applying it right then and there. Some of the exercises where you say to yourself OH ya I'll do that later, but don’t do it later do it now.

3. Take it a chapter or element at a time

It is not a book to sit down & read it in one night. In my very strong opinion, if you do that you will not get half as much out of it. It truly is one where you work on that thing talked about in that chapter that day or that week & REALLY try it. Then once you feel you have grasped it, move on to the next thing.


SO here is where I am telling you about LIVING your Story & REWRITING it. I just finished Chapter 17 : It's So Easy Once You Figure Out It Isn't Hard. It is PART 4: How To Get Over Your B.S Already (( I am telling you she is funny)). This chapter is all about "what you choose to focus on becomes your reality." So in the chapter is asks you to become aware of what your stories are. Jen explains how they aren't always the truth and how they can be rewritten, since we are the only author of the stories in our life.

So she first has us identify a story & how we benefit from it either in an unhealthy or healthy way. Then once you identify that story. Write it down. Write down the dreary story you maybe telling your self. Then say goodbye to that story & write yourself a new one. With a new frame of mind, because until you do that, you will be living the one that you CHOOSE to focus on. So here it goes. Now the book obviously walks you through way more detail & way more examples so I am telling you go get the book. However, this is mine:


Since I am a single mom I don't have enough money to move out of my parents home. Because of that we are stuck living with them. If I wasn't a single mom & had a second income we could actually have our own place. Because I live with my parents and am a single mom I will never find a husband.

^^ Things that I have told myself time & time again. I mean which also JUSTIFY why I am doing what I am doing, living at home because I CAN'T, I am STUCK etc. Like mentioned above it is me benefiting from something unhealthily. So I rewrote my own NEW story for 2020. Honestly. THE BEST FEELING, crossing that out on paper, saying goodbye to that old shitty story & saying hello to my new beautiful one. I will not longer be telling myself that & focusing on the new one.


I am a hardworking woman, and will be the best home owner. I am so excited to live in the perfect home for Ainsley and myself. I am a powerful, strong & loving mom, who is in control of her life. I am fully capable & excited to make enough money each month for us. I choose to be loved & to love. I am very thrilled to find & be with an awesome man who makes me feel like the most important woman in the world & perfect role model for Ainsley.

I truly think that everyone has something we tell our selves we can't do or wish was better about our life. We tell ourselves it is unattainable & come up with reasons why-- however, why not change that? It all starts with rewriting the story how we want it. As I mentioned above "what you choose to focus on becomes your reality," so take ahold of that reality in 2020 with me! :) Also go buy that book, you will not be sorry. I'll put a link here!


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