Instant Pot Essential Meal Prep
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Instant Pot Essential Meal Prep

Updated: Aug 1

I have gotten a good amount of messages about what the heck to do with that AMAZING instant pot that you got for the holidays. I then did a lot of my meal prep today & realized how I used my insta pot 4 different times today & thought well I need to give you guys my tips & tricks! I really love it & it truly helps when it comes to meal prepping ALL the time. Also for quick, simple meals as well. Therefore, I thought I would walk you through some essential meal prep items I make almost every week & then I'll link some of my favorite insta pot recipes from HGHF below too! Also please message me on here or DM me through instagram if you have any questions at all :) This post is NOT sponsored by Insta Pot, this is my true opinion on it.

Here is the link to the 6qt insta pot that I highly recommend! It is also on sale on amazon right now-- $79.00 vs. $99.95 ( what a steal, I am jealous) Even if there is 1 or 2 of you at home, I still recommend the 6qt. That way you will have leftovers to freeze & make bigger portions for meal prep. Also I have heard how difficult the 8qt is because it takes SO long to pressurize-- so normally it is used for big meat recipes.


1. Core 4 sweet apples like Gala or Fuji. I LOVE my apple slicer linked here. Then place all of the apple slices in the insta pot main insert. (keep the skin on the slices, for nutritional value & you won't notice once you immersion blend it!)

2. Then add in 1/2 cup water over the apples & 2 tsp coconut sugar.

3. Make sure that the lid is secure & steam release handle is locked

4. Turn on high pressure for 10, then once the screen reads LO 00. You will start naturally releasing until it turns to LO 10, then release the release valve. DO NOT take the lid off until the float valve drops completely. ( When the insta pot is pressurized the float valve rises to the very top, once it is ready to take the lid off it drops down, DO NOT ever take the lid off without the valve dropping. )

5. Then take you immersion blender & blend the apples until it becomes smooth & applesauce consistency you want. If you do not have an immersion blender, you can pour it in to your high power blender as well. However, immersion blender means a little less to clean :)

How I use this for the week: Ainsley LOVES applesauce so a lot of times it is solely for that purpose-- applesauce. OR we will make pancakes, muffins or this yummy raspberry bundt cake I will sharing here shortly. Options are endless with this staple.

What does that all mean? Once your screen reads LO 00, if you hit the release valve to depressurize, that is called a quick release. Naturally release means you wait a certain amount depending on recipe after the LO 00. Then you will release at the time mentioned. The LO 00 will change to LO 01, LO 02, etc. depending on how many minutes it is naturally releasing.

Soft-boiled Eggs:

Here is a link to the accessories I LOVE for my insta pot. Including the best hard boiled egg insert. I highly recommend these. I felt like it was so hard to pick a bundle that I'd utilize, this one is awesome.

1. In the insta pot add in the egg insert. Then place however many eggs you'd want-- the insert holds 7. Then pour 1 cup warm water into the insta pot.

2. Make sure that the lid is secure & steam release handle is locked

3. Then turn to high pressure for 3 or 4 minutes. 3 for more running. Then once the screen reads LO 00, naturally release it till the screen turns LO 03 (for more running), less runny LO 04. I prefer to do High Pressure 4 & naturally release 3 -- that is what is pictured above. Then quick release, & DO NOT take the lid off until the float valve drops.

4. In a large bowl pour in cold water & add in few ice cubes. Take each egg with tongs & transfer to the ice water bath, let cool for 5 minutes. Then start peeling! I keep my eggs in the fridge for the rest of the week.

How I use this for the week: I love to make avocado toast with them like seen above OR a GF option, I will chop up the soft boiled eggs, dice up avocados & cut up bacon. Throw all of those yummy ingredients into a bowl & sprinkle with Everything But Bagel Seasoning and/or popped quinoa as well. Pictured below!


I love Farro. I truly do, it is so "meaty" & filling, full of benefits for your body. It is SO easy in the insta pot it is not even funny :) Then I have it to add to all kinds of things throughout the week. If you have not given Farro a try here are my top 5 reasons why you should:

1. It is rich in fiber, which is important to aid digestion

2. 1 cup of cooked Farro = 28 g of protein

3. Full of antioxidants

4. Low fat & low calorie-- yes you can get all the amazing benefits with it still being low fat & low calorie, bonus!

5. Load with nutrients & vitamins. 1 cup of cooked Farro can take care of 15-20 % of your magnesium, zinc & vitamin B3 for the day.

1. In your in insta pot add in 1 cup of Farro. Then add in 8 oz of chicken broth. I am telling you, do chicken broth over water-- adds so much flavor. If you are vegetarian, do vegetable broth :)

2. Make sure that the lid is secure & steam release handle is locked

3. Turn on high pressure for 10 minutes, then naturally release until your screen reads LO 10. Then quick release, DO NOT open lid until the float valve drops & then take lid off & fluff with a fork.

How I use it for the week:

I LOVE adding Farro to my salads throughout the week like the one below. Which I will also link right here the blog post. Then if you aren't feeling a salad, I will do the Farro as a base for a protein bowl. Also we have been having it for breakfast too. I know that may sound odd, because I know I always think of it for savory. However, adding that with trail mix, coconut flakes & milk/non diary of choice is so scrumptious!


You all have already been knocking it out of the park since I posted my peanut butter chocolate oatmeal last week. Let me tell you it is so stinking good. I love that it is so easy & perfect to make to have for the rest of the week. Linking here!

Some of my FAVORITE Instant Pot Recipes on HGHF Below:

1. Insta Pot Teriyaki Chicken:

2. Pizza Vegetable Pasta

3. White Chicken Chili

4. Korean BBQ Bowl

5. Buffalo Chicken

6. Upgraded Ramen Bowl

7. Instant Pot Simple Creamy Tomato Herb Pasta

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