Guide to the PERFECT cheese board
  • Alaina Hinkle

Guide to the PERFECT cheese board

Updated: Feb 14

CHEESE BOARDS = everything ⁣⁣


This one is no exception! I put this together when we were having people over to celebrate my dads birthday & boy was it tasty & really fun to create. I am now making one for our Forth of July get together. Seriously they are the best for any occasion.However you need a balance on the board which can be difficult so check below for a guide to the ultimate board🙃👇🏻(( thank you @wholefoods for being my one stop shop for all the goods!))⁣⁣



•Choose 2-3 types of “crackers” to use for all the goods! Preferably very different types

📸 @rusticbakery sourdough bread flat bread , Italian bruschetta & @parmcrisps for gluten free guests— also are THE tastiest paired with anything especially guacamole 🙌🏻⁣⁣


•Pick 3-4 different cheeses ⁣⁣

📸 @vermontcreamery herbed goat cheese & @vermontcreamery vanilla blueberry goat cheese & @wholefoods cranberry chipotle cheddar ⁣⁣


•Pick a sweet pairing for cheeses⁣⁣

Be it honey, or some sort of sweet drizzle to get the tang goin with cheese 🙃 📸 tangerine marmalade that paired wonderful with the goat cheese & meat (bruschetta, goat cheese + marmalade in that order👌🏻) ⁣⁣


•1-3 Meats ⁣⁣

A lot of times you see summer sausage, salami, prosciutto etc. However we had some guests who don’t eat meat, so I stick with 1 and made it the center piece 📸 whole log of summer sausage ⁣⁣


•at least 3 Accompaniments ⁣⁣

📸 mixed nuts + chocolate bites, marinated artichoke & peppers, dried apricots, @bienasnacks spiced chickpeas, blueberries & strawberries, stuffed green olives & kalamata olives ⁣⁣


•1 kind of dip like hummus, guacamole etc.⁣

📸guacamole ⁣

*Texas Caviar ( under appetizers)

*Basil Hummus ( under appetizers)

⁣Hope this gives a quick easy guide to the show stopper cheese board! They are so fun! ⁣

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