Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole
  • Alaina Hinkle

Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

This is one of my favorite childhood recipes that my mom would make every Fall & Winter. We would have this when it was just us for dinner, but also if we were having guests over. It is a very pretty dish with the parsley on top and red pimentos throughout... it is pleasing on SO many levels!!

This recipe comes from a cookbook my mom used all the time and is about 30 years old-- it is such a joy cooking out of it. It is called With Heart & Soul-- Recipes created and designed to be shared among friends, it is by Roxie Kelley and friends that she encountered. Such a great concept!

Recipe below!


1 cup wild rice

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup butter (1/2 tbsp for mushrooms)

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

6 oz cremini mushrooms

1 1/2 cups chicken broth

1/2 slivered almonds

1 1/2 cups half & half

3 cups diced chicken ( see below for my poached chicken recipe!)

1/4 cup diced pimentos

2 tbsp parsley

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Directions to Poach Chicken:

The ingredients below depend on how much chicken you are poaching, I am putting my recipe for when I poach a whole package of chicken--- I used the leftover chicken from this recipe for my taquito recipe. It is always a great idea to poach it all together so you can make another meal as well like a casserole or chicken salad etc. Options are endless!

1 package of Pine Manor Farms Boneless Skinless chicken breasts

12 peppercorns

Half a yellow onion

1 tbsp Pink Himalayan Salt

1 tbsp garlic powder

- Put all of these ingredients in a big soup pot with water covering all the chicken about 3 to 4 inches above

-Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes

Directions for the rest of the casserole:

1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2: Prepare wild rice according to package directions

3: Add 1/2 tbsp of butter to a large stove pan on medium to high heat and add the 6 oz of cremini mushrooms sliced. Saute the mushrooms for about 3 minutes, then add 3/4 cup of red wine and let them simmer until the liquid is almost all absorbed. (( This was my added tidbit, it makes the mushrooms taste like candy!)

4: Take the tasty mushrooms out of the pan in a small bowl and add 1/2 cup butter in the pan now and cook onion in butter until tender but not brown and remove from heat

5: Stir in the flour to the onion and butter, then add chicken broth and stir into flour mixture. Next add the cream and put it back on stove top at medium heat

6: Cook and stir until thick

7: Add in rice, mushrooms, chicken, pimentos, parsley, salt and pepper

8: Place in a 2 quart casserole oven safe container

9: Sprinkle with almonds

10: Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes ** if the almonds start to get too brown, put the top on the oven safe casserole dish


ENJOY!! Thank you for looking at this scrumptious recipe!! Remember to follow me @honestfoodie_blog and #honestgrubhonestfoodie to let me know what you are making!!

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