Burrito-ful Breakfast
  • Alaina Hinkle

Burrito-ful Breakfast

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

As a mom or not— mornings are hectic!! How many things we are balancing and trying to remember—especially to put our deodorant ;) With that being said, why should our breakfast suffer because of that? That is where these save the day, my go to breakfast burritos. I love how I can make these in bulk, freeze them and then they last for awhile (( not as long as I wish because they are so good!)) It is perfect to throw in the microwave and run out the door. You can also heat up in the oven if you have time of course! They are so expensive in the stores, when you see how quickly you can whip these up yourself. See the recipe below!


Makes 12 burritos

-Aluminium foil

-1 dozen eggs

-14 oz 365 Breakfast Sausage

-4 oz Hatch diced green chilies

-1 medium russet potato

-12 oz 365 Mild Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese

- 1 365 flour tortilla package-- come in 6 and are the smaller ones

-1 365 whole wheat tortilla package- come in 6 and are the smaller ones

-3 tbl olive oil

-Garlic salt


-Pink Himalayan salt

-Old Vienna Red Hot Ripplets powder (I know not a REAL food ingredient... but this is my guilty pleasure for sure.. love this stuff))


- Wash russet potato and cut into small cubes (seen above) and then put into a bowl and set aside

-Crack the 1 dozen eggs into a bowl and scramble with fork and set aside

-Put your larger frying pan on the stove. Heat up 2 tbl olive oil on medium high heat

-Once the pan is warmed up, add the cut up potatoes. I like to cook them until they are brown and crispy, so I let each side of the potatoes cook about 3-4 minutes until I flip them over. On each side I season it with the Old Vienna, Garlic Salt and Salt/Pepper to taste

*** keep repeating these steps until they taste// have the consistency you want ***

-After put them in a bowl and set a side

-Next add 1 tbl olive oil to the hot pan and the breakfast sausage. Cook until no longer pink. Then add in the green chilies-- add in salt and pepper to taste

-Set aside the breakfast sausage in a bowl, add the eggs into the pan while it is still hot and has the flavors left over from the sausage

-Cook the eggs to your liking (I do not like any runny)


-I cut up my aluminum foil in squares big enough to wrap the burritos in. I do aluminum foil so that if I do want to put them in the oven to heat up, you can just take the burrito out the freezer in the aluminum and put it right into the oven ( 350 degrees for about 20 minutes).

- Lay out each tortilla on top of the aluminum foil square and start layering ingredients. I would lay them all out so you are able to portion out the ingredients evenly. Do less at first, you can always add more if there is some left over! I usually do:

egg, potato, breakfast sausage and top with cheese :)

- Then roll up your burrito, right side in about 2 inches, then pull up the bottom to pull in the ingredients and fold over the side-- roll tight! Then since you laid the tortilla on the aluminum you can then roll aluminum foil around it right away. Put in the freezer and ENJOY any time you want!

*** Heating it up in the morning****

- Get a damp paper towel, then wrap it around the burrito OUT OF THE ALUMINUM, DO NOT PUT ALUMINUM IN MICROWAVE. Then heat it for 2 minutes, 1 minute then flip sides for the next minute.

ENJOY!! Thank you for looking at this scrumptious recipe!! Remember to follow me @honestfoodie_blog and #honestgrubhonestfoodie to let me know what you are making!!

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